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The design activity begins with the determination of the concepts. The first design proposals are developed according to thethe customer’s requests and specifications, focusing on the targets and providing functional solutions. At this stage the goal is to fuse the technical solution with the formal one.


The project is carefully developed in all its aspetcs, verifying that all the parts do not interfere with one another. Performing this activity in the correct way means solving problems before they arise while opening the molds, keeping low production costs and times.

Image courtesy of CARRERA.

plastic prototypes. 3d Printing

Thanks to special parametric 3D modeling softwares and generative algorithms, we offer a high quality prototyping service. We make use of the latest cutting edge 3D FDM printing technologies and the most efficient and ecological materials. For the polymers, the customer can choose between almost 20 different colours. The pictures below show some examples of printing tests..

Structural analysis

Through FEM analysis (Finite Element Method) all parts of the projects are checked under the structural point of view. Each individual part is subjected to load simulations, highlighting the most stressed areas. The results are used in the engineering stage to improve these parts, and a new simulation is performed to double-check the modifications made.

Reverse engineering

Eurocompositi offers a high quality reverse engineering service. Using a structured-light 3D scanner, we are able to acquire surfaces with extreme accuracy in order to verify any difference between the finished product and its 3D model or to modify it.

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Wind tunnel

The wind tunnel, developed here in Eurocompositi, allows us to evaluate the aerodynamic aspects of the projects and to validate any CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis previously made. The results of these simulations are used in the engineering stage to improve the projects shapes and profiles before further testing in bigger wind tunnel.

Graphics and comunication

To complete the product development, Eurocompositi offers a visual study of the finished product for marketing purposes. Graphics, photorealistic renderings, brochures and catalogs are some of the services offered. This way, the marketing activity can start even before the product is finished.

Image courtesy of CARRERA.